European Sleepworks / Lavin Industries

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2966 Adeline Street
Berkeley, CA 94703
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    We've been analyzing scientific data on sleep for 25 years. Based on that knowledge, we have been able to create a mattress system that promotes more healthful and sound sleep.
    What a mattress should be
    We looked at traditional U.S. mattresses and noticed several things they should be but weren't:

    * Suited to the individual instead of one-size-fits-all.
    * Responsive, providing excellent support no matter how soft or firm the mattress.
    * Comfortable for the life of the mattress.
    * Nearly motionless, not full of bounce.
    * Durable, without component breakdown or sag formation.
    * Affordable, offering premium features at reasonable prices.

    Our Own Design

    We decided the traditional mattress just wasn't good enough. So we set out to design and build our own, based on the popular European model but incorporating modifications that result in even better performance.